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Welcome to the Ladybird Books online database.

Here, you can easily browse through and search the Ladybird Books Archive of over 12,000 records. The content includes images and text from the Ladybird Books collection.

Some of the images on the database are of the original artworks; others have been photographed from the printed books.


Your username and password, and level of access, will be assigned to you by the Ventures team within Penguin Random House. Please note that both entries are case sensitive.

Quick Search

In the Quick Search drop-down box, you can specify which area you want to search (from the access you have been given).

If you click 'Search' at this point, all the images within the selected category will appear.

You can also enter a specific search term, for example 'flower' to bring up all records which have 'flower' in their keywords or descriptions.

Refining A Search

Once you've done an initial search, you can then refine the search further.

At the bottom of the results screen, there is a box labelled 'Search Within Results'. You can add an additional keyword or search term here, and click 'Go' to filter your results further.

Getting More Information

Once you've found the image/s you're looking for, you can find out more information.

Underneath the image view you'll see a reference number and description, and then buttons marked 'i', 'low' and 'hi' (if you have this access granted). Clicking on the 'i' button will take you to an information screen for that image, where you can see what book it's from, and other information.

To delve further, you can click on 'Publication Details', which you can find under the image on the information screen. This will take you to the information page about the book it's from, which will include the author, illustrator, year of publication, and links to view all images from this book, or to view the text.

Taking A Closer Look

Click on the magnifying glass symbol to bring up a larger preview of the image.

Downloading An Image

If you would like to use this image in your design you can download a low-resolution image by clicking the 'lo' button, or download the high-resolution file by clicking the 'hi' button (if you have this access granted).

Because this is a scholastic tool for academic research as well as commercial, it contains some images which aren't controlled by Ladybird Books. This will be noted on the Information Screen for these images.

Advanced search

The advanced search allows you to construct more specific search queries using one or more of the fields available.

Publications search

The publication search allows you to search for specific titles, rather than key worded images. You can search by title name, and also by author, illustrator, or series (this will be the series number, such as '702', rather than the name'.

If you for example search for 'shopping', the search will bring up the 3 titles with Shopping in their name.

The publication search will show the cover image, and information about the book (including author, illustrator, year of publication etc). You can click on the cover to view all images from within the publication.

Using Images

Please note that you will need an agreement or authorisation to use any image from the Ladybird Archive, which will be subject to agreed terms and the inclusion of a credit line.

Further Information

If you have any further queries, please email the Penguin Ventures team at